Weekend in Wollongong

Regina Karmilovich May 31, 2018

In contrast to my previous semester in London, I’ve come to love and appreciate the calm, relaxed vibe of Australian culture. Likewise, I’ve noticed people who live and travel here often adopt this same kind of attitude. I think the scale and remoteness… More

Saying Goodbye

Christian Fogerty May 30, 2018

Now I’m leaving Edinburgh. After five months in this beautiful city, suddenly I have to force myself to just pack up and leave. Saying goodbye to people is strange. Sometimes it feels insufficient, but I think that’s the nature of goodbyes. They just… More

Final Thoughts, Part 1: Two Ways of Returning Home

Rebecca Sohn May 30, 2018

A lot can change in a week. One week ago, I had just traveled back to Dublin from a trip to Amsterdam – the last major trip of my semester abroad. One week later and I am sitting at my dining room table back home in Massachusetts, still thinking about… More

Weekend in Dunedin

Chloe Seletz May 30, 2018

A common trend I have noticed with students who study abroad is the pressure and excitement of going on weekend trips to explore new surroundings. I am personally a huge advocate of them. Here in New Zealand, many people road-trip to the South Island… More

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Bryan Mitchell May 28, 2018

 Hitting a Wall: A fitting J.R.R. Tolkien Lord of the Rings quote to title this post. Emotions have been present lately, and I have been trying to feel them more. My closest Kiwi friend helps me through this process. Just like before, this is not homesickness… More

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