Tips From Abroad!

Janey Amend-Bombara January 20, 2020

Currently Studying at: National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland Homeschool: Sarah Lawrence College Before my departure for Ireland, I took a day trip to visit my friend Jemma! Jemma is spending the year at Oxford University and is home for winter… More

A Return

Jill Shaughnessy January 6, 2020

Currently studying at: London Internship Program, England Homeschool: Arcadia University The summer after graduating high school, I moved (temporarily) to a new country. I was 17. That sounds kind of insane to many people– but it wasn’t. When I decided… More

Hogwarts? Goats? Men in Kilts?

Rosa Nguyen September 9, 2019

Currently Studying at: University Of Glasgow, Scotland Homeschool: Chapman University “So why did you choose Scotland? It’s just…so random.” Surprisingly, I hear that quite often. Out of the dozens of programs offered to me by Chapman University, I… More

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