Why London Mid-Pandemic Was the Best Risk to Take

Payton Sims October 11, 2021

Did I ever intend on studying abroad for my final semester of college? Absolutely not. But did I think that I would ever live through a global pandemic that literally shut the entire world down? Another no. When life seems to have a mind of its own for… More

It’s All New to Me

Lauren Kelly September 17, 2020

Currently Studying At: Hertford College, University Of Oxford, England Homeschool: Lawrence University Somewhere in the sky, worried the plane will crash You know, you might be wondering what it is like to be alone and abroad for the first time in… More


Tessa Rendina January 27, 2020

Currently Studying At: University of Cape Town, South Africa Homeschool: Susquehanna University Only two more days before I depart on the journey of a lifetime! Before I go, I want to share some tips on preparing for this trip. Start your student visa… More

Tips from an Ex First-Time Flyer

Madison Pimental January 23, 2020

Currently Studying at: University of Manchester, England Homeschool: Stonehill College I never would have thought that I would be boarding a plane to leave my friends and family for six months in an entirely new location, but you know, things happen… More

First Impressions and Packing

Mackenzi White January 22, 2020

Currently Studying at: University of Limerick, Ireland Homeschool: Hilbert College Hello everyone! It's been a long couple of days since I landed in Dublin on Monday morning. After having my flight delayed in Buffalo, I ended up missing my connection… More

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