I Think I Know What I'm Doing?

Lauren Kelly October 19, 2020

This will be a long post! I am currently writing this in the upper reading room of the Bodleian Library at the end of 1st week. With all of the old books you can’t check out, rows and rows of desks, Latin everywhere (thank goodness for the term of Latin… More


Joe Cimino March 9, 2020

Currently Studying at: Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Homeschool: Arcadia University After countless flights, days of traveling, and constantly living out of a suitcase, you are finally here. You are standing out in front of your flat… More

Arcadia Orientation!

Meghan Callahan February 19, 2019

Currently studying at: UNIVERSITY OF OTAGO, New Zealand hOMEschool: Denison University My first week in New Zealand has been an absolute whirlwind of events! We landed in Auckland on the North Island Wednesday morning and there was no downtime from… More

I Look Foul and Feel Fair

Liesel Rutland February 18, 2019

Currently Studying at: University of Otago, New Zealand Homeschool: Wofford College Spoiler Alert: I made it to New Zealand, and this is the story of how I got here, and what I did for my first five days (long blog post ahead!). Day one: I met a girl… More

On Our Way Up

Sydney Parks February 11, 2019

Currently Studying at: Arcadia in Greece, Greece Homeschool: Beloit College It is the first full day of orientation, and they just pointed out a small mountain in the distance with a church at the top– Mt. Lycabettus. They gave us some maps, took our… More

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