LGBTQ+ While Abroad: Safety, Tips, and Tricks

Acadia Czeizinger July 1, 2022

When I first received the news that I could spend a semester abroad, I was absolutely overjoyed: After all, what young, twenty-something doesn’t love the idea of spending close to six months in a brand-new place? However, as a queer, female-presenting… More

Dublin’s Pride Parade & Festival 2019

Loren Thomas July 22, 2019

Currently Studying at: STEM SUMMER RESEARCH - DUBLIN Homeschool: University of Michigan Dia dhuit! This video pieces together a bunch of snippets from my experience at Dublin’s Pride Parade & Festival from the first weekend of July. My roommates and… More

In which I discuss the little things...

Eien Sykes Bidwell February 27, 2015

In Which I Discuss the Little Things That Make a Huge Difference Wow. Its been a while since I have had internet access! So much has happened! There's so much I want to talk about: I went to a toga party, met my awesome Japanese roommate, explored my… More