An Action-Packed Week One

Elisabeth Heyde June 8, 2017

By Elisabeth Heyde, London Internship Program, Summer I have been in London for a week, and it has been exhausting but amazing. There is so much to do in London. I feel that, even after spending two months here, I still will not have seen everything… More

Long Journey to London

Elisabeth Heyde May 19, 2017

By Elisabeth Heyde, London Summer Internship, England The summer in between my freshman and sophomore year, I took French 103 in a small town in Provence called Arles. Arles is best known as where Van Gogh painted Starry Night and cut his ear off. I… More

Home from India and Awaiting the Semester

Arin Fambro February 24, 2017

I got back to Sydney about two weeks ago from a women empowerment volunteer trip in India. The trip was not perfect and not everything I expected, but it was a chance to see a different part of the world and come to an understanding of the gender inequality… More

The 100th Day

Bridget Michael December 7, 2016

I’m now in the last two weeks of my Semester Internship in Rome, and what a feeling it is. To say I’ve lived in Rome for 100 days is definitely an accomplishment worthy of putting on my gravestone. It’s in these last days here I am beginning to reflect… More

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