The Sunniest Days of My Study Abroad Yet!

Alysa Tarrant March 6, 2018

A couple of week ago over reading week, I hopped on a plan after my trip to Manchester and landed in Madrid, Spain. This was my first time traveling alone and it provided amazing opportunities for photography. To read about my adventures and see more… More

Visiting Manchester

Alysa Tarrant February 27, 2018

On an unexpectedly sunny day in mid February 2018, I took a train from London to Manchester to spend the weekend with a friend from high school. My train journey was about two hours and I was happy to be sitting with a table and a power outlet in the… More

Adventures in Eastern Europe

Maddie Weaver Nolting February 26, 2018

I’m writing this post in Malta on my phone as I sit in my Valletta, Malta Airbnb, be patient though because that will be explained in my next post, but sorry in advance for any grammatical errors. And yes Dad, I do go to class I just have Thursdays and… More

The Beauty of Being a Newcomer

Sam Laughlin February 14, 2018

One of the first things I noticed when I arrived in London during my first week of orientation was how culturally diverse the city was. Yes, every city is home to various groups of non-locals from near and far, but there is something different about… More

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