Grieving While Abroad

Nazli Tiyaloglu December 14, 2022

I never thought I would write about this topic. On November 25, I lost my uncle back in Turkey who passed away from age. I am happy that he is in a better place now, as he’s been battling various health issues for years. Despite our distant relationship… More

Sexual Health and Dating While Abroad

Nazli Tiyaloglu December 13, 2022

One topic that may be considered “difficult” or “embarrassing” to discuss for some is dating and sexual health while abroad and how to maintain it. Let’s face it, it’s simply human nature to develop crushes on people you find attractive or to find yourself… More

It’s OK to Feel Lonesome While Studying Abroad

Nazli Tiyaloglu December 6, 2022

If there’s anything that studying abroad has taught me, it’s learning how to be comfortable with my own presence. Yes, it has been life-changing and a wonderful experience I will never forget. However, I can't help but feel alone at times. Making friends… More

Appreciating Life Again While Studying Abroad

Nazli Tiyaloglu November 18, 2022

Just a few months ago, I would spend all of my summer days in my small room in my small town in New Jersey. At this time I was battling severe depression and anxiety due to recent events such as losing friendships, having a toxic work environment, going… More

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