North Island

Bryan Mitchell March 3, 2018

Culture: “I miss home, but not the U.S.” That has been the recurring theme of my time in New Zealand so far. From home-cooked meals to my cozy queen-size bed, home could be anywhere in the world and I would miss it; on the contrary, I definitely need… More

The Importance of Protesting

Sydney Smith February 26, 2018

Currently, there is a strike occurring here at the University of Aberdeen due to proposed cuts to their pensions. The professors and other lecturers involved say that it is a last resort due to the various universities refusing to negotiate. It is interesting… More

Best Reading Week

Allie Rivera February 24, 2018

Instead of having a spring break, I had a reading week. It was February 19th to the 23rd and technically you are supposed to stay on campus to study and read. However, I ensure you that this is not the case and campus is pretty much empty. Other Arcadia… More

Girls Getaway!

Danica Tamura February 13, 2018

Hello! It has been a while since my last blog post and a lot has happened. For starters, I am now attending my classes on a regular basis and have officially been on my first trip out of the UK for the semester! Classes here in the UK are quite different… More

First Week and First Impressions

Allie Rivera February 2, 2018

I can now successfully say that I have survived my first week of classes in Scotland. I have to say how different their education system is here when compared to Arcadia back home. At Arcadia or just in America, we have our set schedule with classes… More

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