The Great Debate: Anthropology vs. Archaeology

Marloes Krabbe November 6, 2019

Currently Studying at: University of Aberdeen, Scotland Homeschool: The College of Wooster Okay, so maybe anthropology versus archaeology isn’t a great debate outside of the confines of my head. One of the reasons I chose my college in the States was… More

Nearing the End

Meghan Callahan June 3, 2019

Currently studying at: UNIVERSITY OF OTAGO, New Zealand Homeschool: Denison University In New Zealand, the end of May and beginning of June mean the end of classes, the beginning of exams, and the beginning of winter. The end of classes came out of… More

Community Engagement at the Umbra Institute

Jacob Vandever December 4, 2018

Hello everyone! Sorry, it has been so long. A lot has been happening especially with the semester winding down. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about community engagement opportunities at the Umbra Institute, where I am currently studying in… More

Almost There

Kate Ahern November 26, 2018

These past two weeks or so have been filled with constant paper writing. My UCC finals, for my five courses, consists of two 3,000-word papers and three 1,500-word papers. Never in my time as a student, have I ever had to write so much before. Before… More

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