Holiday Tourist

Alexis Schwartz June 2, 2016

You've heard about New Zealand and Tasmania, so now I must share my Cairns and Gold Coast trips. When I ventured to NZ and Tassie, I was by myself, though for Cairns and the Gold Coast I had one of my friends from uni, in fact, my first friend from uni… More

A First Time for Everything

Maurice Scott May 27, 2016

Discovering that I was the first African-American that ever represented the University of New South Wales is a huge milestone in my life. I always wanted to show the world that African Americans are more than what they see on T.V and the movies. I chose… More

Manifestations, Sleeplessness, and Scrapbooking

Maddie Oslejsek May 26, 2016

As my time dwindles down here in the Land of Tea and Biscuits, I am finding it really difficult to think about leaving. In my personal statement and various blog posts, I have tried to explain how much coming to England has meant to me; but, there truly… More

The Pantheon

Becca Dague May 13, 2016

There are lots of great spots in Rome—the Spanish Steps with their hustle and bustle, the Trevi Fountain with its bright gleaming marble, the Vatican with its impressive size and intimidating figures—but there’s no place that I love more than the Pantheon… More

On Loss Abroad

Becca Dague May 5, 2016

My grandpa died three days ago. It feels odd to say it—to put it in writing, have it out in the open. My grandpa died three days ago. It makes being abroad feel odd and ultimately, selfish. I know this isn’t the case—my grandpa wanted me to come abroad… More

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