Mary Schrott


Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Two Days and Immeasurable Experiences

Mary Schrott October 5, 2015

In traditional Irish form, this blog post is a little late. Well not so much late, but it is about last weekend versus this weekend and it’s currently Sunday night. Part of me, however, likes to think my tardiness is because I’ve needed a full week to… More

What’s Really Different Here

Mary Schrott September 23, 2015

Although I haven’t been in Ireland for too long, now may be a good time for an update on the common question: “What’s different?”. Personally when I meet people from a different culture, who I am able to communicate with, learning how they live is one… More

The Adventure I Asked For

Mary Schrott September 19, 2015

One of the biggest factors encouraging me to study abroad was the idea of having a great adventure. Unfortunately, I was not prepared for the crazy journey about to happen as I left my house last Tuesday to leave for Dublin. Originally, my travel plans… More

From an Irish Goodbye to an Irish Hello

Mary Schrott September 1, 2015

The first time I felt personally drawn to the Irish was in 2012 while watching the show “New Girl.” The particular episode featured the “New Girl” gang attending several customary holiday parties together that no one really wanted to go to. Since there… More

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