Kaitlyn Gervais


University of Limerick, Ireland

Wandering Off the Island: Edinburgh

Kaitlyn Gervais November 26, 2014

The beautiful greenery of Scotland! One of two countries I thought that I wouldn’t get to see when I came abroad. Yet a friend really wanted to see the city of Edinburgh, so on Halloween we were off for a really fun and relaxing weekend. I have to say… More

Wandering off the Island: Rome

Kaitlyn Gervais November 18, 2014

The master of study abroad adventures Andy Steves paid a visit to UL the first week of school. He told us how to visit other countries on a budget and plugged his organization WSA as well. Weekend Student Adventures had numerous places to choose from… More

Exploring Ireland!

Kaitlyn Gervais November 14, 2014

When people think of Ireland, including myself when I first went four years ago, they think of Dublin and kissing the Blarney Stone. I mean what else is there? I’m happy to say that during my time abroad, I have had opportunities to explore places I didn… More

Second Month In: A Brief-ish Summary

Kaitlyn Gervais November 10, 2014

Two months have passed, and as I write this almost half of the third month is almost gone! I have become very busy with school which is why it has taken so long for me to get back to blogging. For the last two weeks, I was a hermit in my room only leaving… More

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