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Bond University, Australia

Traditional Fijian Mud Baths

Ashley Dahl April 17, 2018

One of my favourite memories while visiting Fiji was the mud bath tour. My family and I went on a day tour around Nadi, Fiji and on the last half of the tour we stopped at a small town outside of Nadi that was located in the hinterlands. Here, we would… More

The Poetic Strangers: Their Name Was [Blank]

Ashley Dahl March 12, 2018

Everyday, billions of people around the world interact. Whether it be through transportation services, shopping centres, businesses, anything, we are all interacting. But how amazing is it that we cross paths everyday with complete strangers and yet all… More

Travel Far Enough You Meet Yourself

Ashley Dahl February 23, 2018

I used to think that I didn’t know who I was. Not that it was like I had no idea, but I just wasn’t sure if I had grown into the person I was meant to be yet. I felt as though I was still meant to go through experiences and time until I found myself. Then… More

What I See, Take A Look!

Ashley Dahl February 15, 2018

This is a video I made of the few of the many memories compiled here in Australia. I really can’t believe it has already flown by this fast (we are at midterms). The video includes a few clips from exploring Noosa last weekend. Noosa is a national park… More

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