First Blog Post


March 1, 2021

By Abigail Haas, Arcadia University Student

After a rocky year with multiple canceled internships and deciding to leave my fall internship for ethical concerns, I was less than optimistic about finding an amazing internship for the spring of 2021. I’m grateful to have connected with those at Intern Philly to find a new internship for the spring.

Dr. Mark Clark, the director of the Intern Philly program, helped me find an internship that allows me to gain the hands-on experience I have been seeking in an internship. Dr. Clark made finding an internship easy by showing me options and allowing me to choose which internship sites to reach out to and schedule interviews with. After interviewing with the U School, I knew that an internship there would challenge me in ways I had not been challenged before, exactly what I wanted in an internship! It’s hard knowing that we (all virtual interns) would be getting a more in-depth experience if we weren’t virtual, but I’m still grateful to be able to work virtually.

Working virtually is definitely not easy, and it has its ups and downs (AKA lots of barking dogs in the background and Internet problems), but working virtually is a learning experience in and of itself, and everyone working virtually is gaining the ability to be flexible and adaptable. I’m happy to have this opportunity to work virtually at the U School and to be gaining the experience I so long hoped for, and I’m grateful for Intern Philly for helping me along the way!