Virtual Europe Events in June: Check them out!


July 7, 2020

We cannot believe that June has already passed! At the start of the month we were joined by our Virtual Europe students for their courses being directed by each of our Centers in Dublin, London, Rome, Athens, Barcelona and Edinburgh. We are now in the second session with a new group of students (along with some who were here for both sessions). As part of our programming we have a number of co-curricular events which ran in June and will continue to run throughout this month of July. 

Our innovative co-curricular activities derive from the themes below:

Active Europe: Learn some Greek dance or exercise your mind as you take a virtual tour throughout some of very interesting sites such as the mural sites in Belfast. We welcome you to expand your mind and step into something new! 

Spiritual Europe - Europe has a rich tradition of spirituality and contemplation, from pre-Christian thought to contemporary secular methods of achieving enlightened well-being.  Students will engage with both the sacred and the secular while pursuing this theme.

Imagined Europe - Many communities -both imagined and real - call Ireland home.  This theme explores the artistic and the creative energies in Irish culture - focusing on the literary, theatrical and the musical.

Local Europe – Communities matter.  This theme examines the relation between local elements as they fit together as necessary parts of the broader Global community.    

There really is something for everyone and we encourage you (if you weren't part of the first session in June) to follow the link shared on the Virtual Europe Facebook group and your emails. There is one folder with all of our recordings which you have access to.