Sustainability and Environment - The Park of Garbatella in Rome


July 2, 2020

Community gardens in Italy have received significant attention and popularity in the last 15 years. Their purpose is to meet the needs of the ever developing urban life.  

According to the regulation for assignment and management of municipal green areas and allotments, community gardens are agriculture activities places, public spaces, green areas and community associations, all at the same time and the community garden of Garbatella is no exception.

In our virtual and interactive lecture, last week, we had the opportunity to invite Tommaso D'Alessio, the president of Legambiente-Garbatella, the Italian environmental association to present the park with its community garden, intensive forest, and beehive. In this green space participants learn about sustainable urban agriculture, biodiversity and improved waste management.

In all the areas of the park sustainable practices are implemented and supported by Legambiente which stimulates the residents' participation in environmental activities, promotes social inclusion and disseminates the culture of sustainability and resilience by raising awareness on the need to safeguard and regenerate the territory.

At the end of the session we asked the students to bring and compare examples of a space, in their city or town, that is focused on sustainability and that at the same time supports and benefits the community.

We are thankful to the students who participated and enriched this session with examples of initiatives taking place in their hometown in the US. The exchange allowed us to share our realities and gain an insight into each other's world.