Tortilla & Salmorejo!!!

Agustina Balacco Student Life and Service Coordinator


June 17, 2020

Today our Virtual Europe students are going to learn how to cook an Spanish Omelette & Salmorejo!!

The Spanish omelette, is one of the most popular snacks in our country, consumed in every home and is the most requested tapa in bars and restaurants!
At breakfast, mid-morning, at lunch, as a snack or for dinner, any time of the day becomes a perfect chance to enjoy it!
Its simple recipe consisting of eggs, potatoes, onions, salt and olive oil, creates a perfect combination, a delicious taste for the palate, and affordable for all budgets.

The Salmorejo is a typically Andalusian cold soup recipe, which could not be easier and faster to prepare, and also super tasty and refreshing!!!
The traditional recipe is simple, quick to prepare and includes natural and healthy ingredients like; , olive oil, plum tomatoes, bread and garlic.
In addition, once ready, it is customary to add serrano ham cut into small pieces, hard- boiled egg  and croutons....super yummy!!!!!!