The National Day of Catalonia

Agustina Balacco Student Life and Service Coordinator


September 7, 2020

The National Day of Catalonia is celebrated every year on September 11 to commemorate the defeat of 1714 in the War of Succession, when Barcelona, ​​with an army defender of the Archduke Carlos de Austria, gave up before the troops of Felipe V de Borbón. The Bourbon victory led to the abolition of Catalan institutions after the promulgation of the Nueva Planta New Decree in 1716.

September 11 has become a day of defense of the rights and freedoms of Catalonia and in recent times has gained more prominence, since in 2012 began to convene that day multitudinous pro-independence demonstrations.

The global pandemic has changed the plans for this year's celebration: will be a demonstration or will all events be suspended? Will distance and sanitary measures be guaranteed?
The government has confirmed that the demonstration scheduled for the Diada will be held on September 11th.
There will be strict security measures : 107 concentration points in 82 Catalan municipalities. Some of the measures to be adopted to ensure that there are no infections will be; social distance and the use of a mask. They also have proposed marking the ground with non-permanent paint where people should stand to keep the distance.
Access controls will also be established to ensure that there are no crowds and disinfectant gel will be distributed among all attendees.
If all these measures are met, everyone will be able to participate and celebrate this important day!