Sitges Day Trip Fall 19 & The Sitges International Film Festival

Agustina Balacco Student Life and Service Coordinator


October 9, 2019

Last Friday we visited Sitges with our Fall 2019 students. This popular coastal town remained as beautiful as always! We had such a great time walking through the historic streets of Sitges and enjoyed the good weather that characterizes this town.

Sitges is 35 km from the center of Barcelona and it is very easy to get there – just a 40- minutes train!! If you are in Barcelona, you can’t miss this great jewel.

One of the perks of being located in the Garraf area and found between the Garraf Massif and the Mediterranean Sea is that the weather in Sitges is usually sunny! Thanks to that, we could enjoy such nice weather during the tour and relax at the beach afterward before the autumn comes!

Once we arrived in Sitges, we had a walking tour around to know the important spots, and then students had free time to explore the town. There’s pretty much to do in Sitges: go to the urban beaches, walk along the seafront, discover the numerous and diverse shops in the town center, go for a walk in the old town, visit the Maricel or Cau Ferrat Museums, have some tapas or seafood enjoying the breeze and the good views of the sea, practice water sports, and much more!

Other than that, if you are in Sitges or near during this week or the next one, you’ll have the opportunity to see the town at one of its peaks: The Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya (the Sitges’ International Film Festival). If you like the cinema, and especially the fantastic cinema kind, this is your festival! This year Sitges celebrates the 52nd anniversary of this well-known festival, and there will be lots of events to celebrate it.

The Fantastic Film festival started on Thursday, October 3rd and will end on Sunday, October 13th. You’ll find a zombie walk, lots of fantastic cinema movies, awards, some famous stars and directors, screenings, exhibitions, etc.

Check the official website to see all the events and the ticket prices:

Sitges Film Festival