Sidecar "Anti Karaoke"

Elena Lázaro Housing and Accounting Coordinator


February 27, 2020

Are you a good Singer? Would you like to be a super star for a second? Maybe you can feel the same sensation as an artist if you come to Anti Karaoke at Sidecar.

It works since 13 years in our city, and for few years Apolo Club was in charge of this event, but from 3 years ago it has return to the original place and now Sidecar has become again the good extreme karaoke.

They have more than a thousand songs to sing and if you have a look to Social Media, you will see all the good reviews of those shows. Some people are really into and they come dressed up just to play they role as a real famous singers of a rock band.

I really recommend you to go because you could enjoy this funny event in an emblematic night club, where you can also go to concerts or just to dance whatever night.

Sidecar antikaraoke is located in downtown, Ciutat Vella (Plaça Reial, 7, 08002-Barcelona)

They organized them once a month, and the next time will be on Saturday 20th of March 2020.