Museum of Natural Sciencies of Barcelona open doors

Elena Lázaro Housing and Accounting Coordinator


January 17, 2020

Blue Museum or Museum of Natural Sciences of Barcelona

Situated in the Forum Park, was built by the architects Herzog & de Meuron in 2004. The Museum occupies a total area of 9,000 square meters, distributed on two floors.

  • Open Doors on Sunday 19th of January

Blue Museum opens its doors during a day in order to offer their collections to the public.

There will be a show called “Jojo, orangutan story” (you may need to sign up in advance if you want to see it). The company “Ytuquepintas” (that means -what do you paint? Or what are you doing here?)  Proposes a fable, a scenic visual poetry that combines music, sand and puppets, everything mixed as an art that explains a real situation of an orangutan that was rescued from his jail and it becomes the origin of the Organization Non-Governmental of Animal Rescue.  Summarizing, it is the fragility of the ecosystems explained by an orangutan.

During your visit you also be able to see the “Monos” exhibition. It is open for all publics and all the samples come from National Museum of Scotland.  You will have the occasion to discover your closest cousins, how and what they eat, how do they communicate, how they live and how they survive in an environment of change permanently.

You can also visit for free the permanent exhibition “Planeta Vida” that proposes a travel for the joint evolution of the Earth and life, and realize a portrait of the nature through other collections of the Museum and with other technological resources.

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