Jardins del Doctor Pla i Armengol

Elena Lázaro Housing and Accounting Coordinator


March 6, 2020

It is well known that our city has a lack of Green areas and these days are something that population misses. Especially in Horta-Guinardó neighborhood which for a long time has been demanding green spaces.  But few months ago, Barcelona had the fortune to be able to open a new park in that area.

​It is called “Jardins del Doctor Pla I Armengol” as the old property’s owner who was a doctor, Dr. Pla.

There is a building in this estate, Mas Ravetllat, which the architect Adolf Florensa was designed it. Nowadays that building is open to the public offering a free museum with some art details by Núria Pla. During her life, she was collecting pieces of art, mostly unique furniture from other countries that she preserved with lots of love, and nowadays there are still some objects that are about to be shown to the public, but first they need a delicate restoration.

Núria Pla Art Collection

Lots of experts in art have offered enormous quantities of money to get some of the art that the building contain, but Núria Pla never wanted to be undo of them, it is why the Foundation will try to repair them in order to open more rooms at the museum to the enjoyment of people.

The Gardens have been fixed and now they look gorgeous and well preserved. There are more than a hundred trees have been planted, a vegetable patch, and 140 kinds of bushes. It has been created a new play kids area prepared for disabled people.

The gardens are delimited by Cartagena Street, Ronda Guinardó, Mare de Déu de Montserrat Avenue and Torrent de Melis. You will find the exact location below:



Av.Mare de Déu de Montserrat 132,