Granada Fall 2019 Events And Activities!

Marta Cabrera Assistant Director


July 22, 2019

Are you ready for an exciting semester abroad? Granada and Spain are full of co-curricular opportunities, and Arcadia wants to offer you all the best! We have some excellent co-curricular activities planned for the spring. Take a look at what’s on offer!

Events are only open to Arcadia Granada program participants. Please note that dates, and times are subject to change.

Other events will be added during the program, keep checking your email and Passport accounts, Arcadia Social Media, and the Spain Blog!



On your first night in Spain, we want you to meet the rest of the group and discover the amazing city of Madrid. We will give you a brief tour of downtown Madrid before dinner.


After a guided visit to the Prado Museum (classical art), you will be able to taste the delicious chocolate con churros at one of Madrid´s most famous cafés.

excursion to Toledo

On our way to Granada, we will visit the medieval city of Toledo. During the walking tour, you will be amazed by a stunning medieval city full of history and charm. You will also have some free time to explore on your own.




Upon arrival in Granada, we will have a Scavenger Hunt through the city. This is a fun way to discover Granada and its key locations: post office, police station, clinics, supermarkets, CLM meeting points, etc.

The first group to find all the places, answer the questions correctly, and arrive at the Arcadia center will win a prize.

Relaxing afternoon: Tea Rooms

You will experience the traditional, Arab-style tea rooms in the lower Albaicín. You can enjoy a selection of herbal infusions and traditional Moorish pastries in a relaxing atmosphere created by candle-light, incense, and traditional Arabic music.


Prior to the beginning of classes, you will attend the official University of Granada New Student Orientation, where you will learn about all the services and facilities available to you during the semester.




Alhambra is a must-see, and you will enjoy a guided tour of Granada´s most famous monument: the Alhambra castle, a stunning 13th century palace and fortress, and a World Heritage Site.

Tapas TOUR

Early in the semester you will discover Granada’s best-known secret: each time you order a drink, you get some free food! We will show you the best tapas areas around town, and challenge you to find your own favorite places.

Flamenco Show

You will attend a traditional flamenco show at one of the caves in the lower Albaicín. You will enjoy and experience the intensity and emotion of different flamenco styles (such as flamenco tango, bulería, guajira, or alegría) in an amazing atmosphere.

ARCADIA tapas lab

Do you dare to become a Spanish tapas chef? In our very own tapas lab, you will experiment with different ingredients in an attempt to create the most unique and tasty recipe. The best creation will receive an award!

Cooking class

Arcadia wants their students discover the Spanish gastronomy, and we think the best way is to see and experience it themselves: with the help of a reputable local chef, you will get to cook paella or some other traditional Spanish dish, and then taste it!


This is a hiking trip to Los Cahorros, Monachil, an area that belongs to the Sierra Nevada National Park. The hike (medium difficulty) will take us through some unique views, a gorge of waterfalls, narrow caves, tunnels (to crawl through), acequias that date back from the Moorish times, and the famous hanging bridges. We will enjoy the spectacular local countryside, within the Sierra Nevada National Park. Once we return to the village, we will treat you to a traditional lunch at a local restaurant.

Trip to the Tropical Coast

We will spend a day traveling through the coast of Granada and Málaga, and discovering its different characteristics: the Tropical climate on the coast Granada, which allows for mango, guava, papaya, and avocado crops; and the old fishing village of Nerja in Málaga, with 9 miles of clear-water, sandy beaches. We will enjoy some time sunbathing and then taste their famous “all-you-can-eat” fish paella at Playa Burriana.

Hammam (“Arab baths”)

A relaxing moment during your stressful finals period! Immerse your mind and your senses in this old tradition, enjoying a relaxing bath that includes a massage to give you some extra energy for the final stretch of the semester.

Trip to Morocco 

This unique, educational trip is part of your core course in Granada. You will spend four days in Northern Morocco, exploring historic and cultural sites, engaging with the local community (homestays, college students, women´s centers, Peace Corps), and learning about the Islamic world, culture and lifestyle. One of the semester favorites, students often describe this trip as an eye-opening, mind-blowing, or life-changing experience.

Cultural Reimbursement Program

You still want more?! With the Cultural Reimbursement Program, you will be partially reimbursed for the cultural activities you do on your own, whether it be monuments, museums, day trips, exhibitions, sports, etc.  We will also let you know of any ongoing activities that you may be interested in. Be sure to make use of these funds during the semester!


A great experience like this one needs a proper ending. On your last night in Granada, we will all have dinner together to remember the best memories and experiences of the semester.



The Arcadia Granada Center will also add other events throughout the semester (check your email and Passport accounts, Arcadia Social Media, and the Spain Blog).