Agustina Balacco Student Life and Service Coordinator


September 30, 2019

The Aribau street, located in the Eixample district, also is parallel to other important streets such as Tuset, Balmes or Casanova. This street and its surroundings have always been known for the nightlife, in addition to being located in an area where it is easy to reach by public transport.



It’s an area where the modern meets the traditional catalanism, and where you can find fashion, good restaurants and discos.


Bling Bling: It is one of the most acclaimed clubs in this area by local and international people.  Elegant style. Open from Thursday to Saturday.

Address : Carrer de Tuset, 8, 08006 Barcelona

Sutton: Also located in Tuset Street. A disco that is always fashionable and known as a top place in the nightlife of the city.

Address: Carrer de Tuset, 13, 08006 Barcelona

Smalls: A tiny club located between  Bling Bling & Sutton.

Address: Carrer de Moià, 1, 08006 Barcelona


El Jardinet d’Aribau: It is known in the Tuset street, for offering the possibility of spending the night drinking a cocktail without going to a club. It also has a magical touch thanks to its setting: a romantic style decorated with forests.

Address: Carrer d'Aribau, 133, 08036 Barcelona

Hot Bar: An informal atmosphere. It has kitchen and dance floor, so you can eat a hamburger before you start dancing.

Address: Carrer de Tuset, 28, 08006 Barcelona

Bar de copas Ajo Blanco: To have a drink before going out to dance. Sometimes you can listen to live musical performances. The bar also has a tapas menu to accompany your drink.

Address: Carrer de Tuset, 20, 08006 Barcelona

*Please note that these are clubs we like to recommend as they´re outside the typical ´American bubble´ and your chances to meet locals are thus increased. The area where they are is also less problematic than Port Olímpic. We are in no way associated with these clubs, they´re mere suggestions. As always, use caution when you go out, and drink in moderation. By suggesting these venues our aim is to provide you with a different experience, and we remind you Arcadia staff is not responsible for incidents taking place during nightly outings.