Flash Flash

Elena Lázaro Housing and Accounting Coordinator


March 4, 2020

Spanish Omelette factory Flash Flash, from 1970




My mom told me she used to go when she was young, and I couldn’t believe that the place was still open.

Weeks ago, I heard somebody who said this restaurant didn’t exist anymore, and I thought it was a shame because I have never had the chance to go.

But, the other day I was passing through this narrow street in Sarria’s neighborhood going forward to “La Vila de Gràcia”, and surprise, Omelette’s place!!!

I encourage you to go even though it is only to see its style, and make the comparison between now and the seventies.

I am very sure you will consider this place is still fashion.

But you will wonder…How can survive a business in Barcelona for 50 years and also being a restaurant?

This is something unprecedented and the magic potion resides not only in the space design with its walls that remind us as the Jordi Labanda characters, not even in its white couches and red vintage lights that give an iconic sixty’s pop atmosphere to the scene,

The egg is the protagonist; it is almost the main ingredient in the whole menu. So we can appreciate one more time, that the simplicity overcomes pretentious.

This is the only place in Barcelona that offers more than 50 kinds of omelettes different, amazing right?

So then, I let you here the link with the address in order you can go with your friends or with whomever you want to enjoy the fascinating “Flash Flash”.