Drawing & Painting in Montroig

Sílvia Serra Associate Director of Arcadia in Barcelona


March 21, 2017

Last Saturday we went to Mont-Roig del Camp. A small village in which the famous catalan artist Joan Miró spent long periods, and where, as he always said, found his pictorial language based in his deep love to nature.

Students painting the village of MontroigIn this field study students had the chance to live a “plain air” experience, that provided  them with a touch of the specific strategies of the catalan landscape painting tradition; excellent painters like Casas, Vayreda, Mir, Gimeno, Sanvisens… and Joan Miró; complementing the work we do in Barcelona.

It was a beautiful sunny day, so we went to a very nice location and worked for two and half hours. Then, we moved  to have lunch in the excellent (and not expensive) restaurant of the hermit “Mare de Deu de la Roca”, an unique and full of character romanic building nearby Mont-Roig, where students could sense the flavor of a millennial placement. After a little break to visit the whole hermit, we went to a new location near there and worked two more hours, and back to Barcelona.

It was, as all the group agreed, a great experience !



A student painting the landscape