Documentary "City for Sale"

Elena Lázaro Housing and Accounting Coordinator


February 24, 2020

For those who want to go deeper about the current accommodation problem that Barcelona is suffering due to the increase of tourists and the speculation that is bear our city for at least ten years ago, I will recommend going to watch this film that talks about the victims of gentrification. 

It is actually a documentary called “City of Sale” by Laura Álvarez (a journalist graduated at UPF) and shows some victims from Barcelona that is pushed to move of their accommodations forced by the Real State Agency pressure.

It is an opportunity to know a bit more about the present issues our city has to face and it is also a great chance to improve your Spanish.

The day of the projection will be the 5th of March (on Thursday), and it is FREE.


Map of location

Website of the place where the documentary will be projected:


Sant Pere Més Baix 7, Barcelona