Día de la Cruz in Granada (May 3)

Marta Cabrera Assistant Director


May 3, 2020

Every year since 1625, Granada celebrates its Día de la Cruz (“Day of the Cross”) on May 3. Following the tradition, thousands of fresh carnations are used to decorate around 100 different “crosses” all over the city.  Every year, the city hall hosts a contest for the most beautiful cross, made with fresh carnations and different ornaments. The city hall displays a huge cross that some years is made with up to seven thousand fresh carnations.

As it happens with most of Spain’s holidays, this was a religious tradition in its origins, although pagan symbols get mixed on it. The Día de la Cruz has become a popular street festival where the main Christian symbol reminds us of the original religious celebration.

Nowadays, women and children dress on the typical Andalusian (flamenco) dresses, and people dance flamenco at the different street casetas where they can also enjoy some sweet wine and tapas. It is a holiday to stroll around the city visiting the different displays and enjoying time outdoors with friends and family.