Students Volunteer in Local South African Community

Dr. Alan Jansen Resident Director


December 21, 2016

This past semester, a number of Arcadia students in South Africa have been volunteering their time at a local garden project, Sinako Urban Farms, every week. 

Sinako featured St Michael's College student Elaine Roman, who spent the semester at UCT, along with a group of Arcadia students, in a blog post about their efforts to create a mural to encourage primary school children to engage with and learn about the community garden. Arcadia students helped prep the wall for the soon-to-be mural that would be painted by the children themselves. 

Students were introduced to the project while working there as a part of their homestay to a local township, Guguletu. During Orientation for students coming to South Africa, we discuss Cape Town as the 'Tale of Two Cities,’ alluding to the vast discrepancies between wealthy and poor communities. To give students a firsthand insight into this reality, we spend an overnight in a township community staying with local families. We use this as an opportunity to show them some of the challenges people face and the ways in which they are working to overcome these.

More information about Sinako Urban Farms can be found on their blog, which captures a part of what the students managed to get involved with over the past five months.


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