The Classes Have Begun…

Dr. Alan Jansen March 1, 2016

As I write this blog you all should have started classes either at UWC or UCT today. I know that despite all the chats about how big the classes will be and just how different a big university feels like, today will still feel like starting Grade 1 because… More

Climb Every Mountain…

Dr. Alan Jansen February 16, 2016

It’s been just about 2 1/2 weeks since your arrival in Cape Town and I am sure that many of you are feeling that it has been a non-stop time of experience new sights, eating new food and hopefully beginning to enjoy new friends too. I had a fun time taking… More

Part One: How Study Abroad Changed Me

Student Voices January 12, 2016

Getting to Know Cape Town & Its People Natalie Marshall, a Senior at Arcadia University, writes about her experiences as a study abroad student in Cape Town, South Africa. In the first of two blog posts, she describes how learning about the country’s… More

Unpack your Packing!

Dr. Alan Jansen December 22, 2015

A big adjustment for you will be coming to grips with living in the southern hemisphere. So let’s unpack your packing! From January through to the end of April, the weather will be warm to mild, ranging from high 80’s in Jan down to high 60’s in April… More

Summer in South Africa

Dr. Alan Jansen December 15, 2015

It’s 92F today in Cape Town, and the city is abuzz with festive shoppers and holiday-makers. It’s summer in the southern hemisphere (something you will need to remember) and Christmas is celebrated outdoors with picnics and braais (barbecues). By the… More

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