Water Restrictions in Cape Town Downgraded

Dr. Alan Jansen September 25, 2018

Good news for all Capetonians! The water supply crisis in Cape Town has improved significantly and the restrictions on water usage have been relaxed, giving great relief to households, businesses and of course our students. Here is an announcement from… More

Students Volunteer in Local South African Community

Dr. Alan Jansen December 21, 2016

This past semester, a number of Arcadia students in South Africa have been volunteering their time at a local garden project, Sinako Urban Farms, every week.  Sinako featured St Michael's College student Elaine Roman, who spent the semester at UCT, along… More

The Classes Have Begun…

Dr. Alan Jansen March 1, 2016

As I write this blog you all should have started classes either at UWC or UCT today. I know that despite all the chats about how big the classes will be and just how different a big university feels like, today will still feel like starting Grade 1 because… More

Unpack your Packing!

Dr. Alan Jansen December 22, 2015

A big adjustment for you will be coming to grips with living in the southern hemisphere. So let’s unpack your packing! From January through to the end of April, the weather will be warm to mild, ranging from high 80’s in Jan down to high 60’s in April… More