St Andrew's Day, 30 November!

Emily Goetsch Student Services Officer


November 30, 2017

With holiday festivities around the corner, there will be lots of celebrations over the next month or so.  In Scotland, however, we have an additional day of celebration: November 30th, St. Andrew's Day.

St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, known for his generosity and fairness. While feasts for St. Andrew began as far back as 1000AD,  St. Andrew's influence is seen in various places throughout Scottish culture today and we continue to celebrate his feast day each year.  He lends his name to the town in Fife and the university, which a number of our students attend.  Additionally, the Scottish flag, also known as the Saltire, resembles the X-shaped cross on which St. Andrew was martyred. 

Today, St. Andrew's Day is celebrated with dinners, festivals, bagpipes, ceilidhs and the opportunity to win free tickets to sites of interest.  For more information on different St Andrew's Day events and St. Andrew himself, check this link and go out explore!