Spring 2019 Events

Laura Williamson Student Services Officer


November 21, 2018

Scotland looks forward to welcoming you this coming semester! We’re very excited to announce the events that will be taking place this Spring semester. We do our best to offer experiences that you’d otherwise struggle to find when living here and we hope they’ll enhance your experience of Scotland!

Read on below for what we have in store. Event registration opens Tuesday, December 4th at 12 noon (EST) in your Arcadia Passport. Our events are first come, first served so don't wait too long to register! And don’t forget, if an event is full you can add yourself to the waitlist to be notified automatically if more space becomes available.


Celtic Connections is a winter music festival in Glasgow, featuring artists from around the globe alongside the best Scottish talent. We have chosen to go to Eddi Reader & Leeroy Stagger. A bewitchingly diverse yet seamless blend of original, traditional and contemporary songs, it highlights above all the bone-deep emotional communion with her material that underpins Reader’s spellbinding vocal artistry.

Price Includes: Entry ticket for event.


The sport of curling, in which players slide stones across a sheet of ice towards a target area using a special broom, is thought to have been invented in medieval Scotland. The first written reference to the contest comes from the records of Paisley Abbey in 1541. In the early days of the sport, the playing stones (or rocks) were simply flat-bottomed river stones; modern stones are made from granite and weigh between 38 and 44 pounds. Today curling is played all over the world, most notably in Scotland, Canada and the Scandinavian countries, and was re-introduced to the Winter Olympics in 1998 after a 74-year hiatus. At the World Championships this year, the Scottish boys brought back bronze medals! This is your chance to try your hand at one of Scotland’s most popular and traditional sports. No experience is necessary, as an instructor will be on hand to teach everyone how to slide and sweep the curling stones before we have free time to take a shot at playing on our own.

Price includes: Entry & Instructor.


Join us for one of our most popular events– the Loch Tay Outdoor Activity Weekend. This is an activity-filled weekend set in the southern Highlands; staying in a log cabin, opening your curtains to the rolling mountains and still waters of Loch Tay you will embark on an amazing weekend of hill-walking, kayaking, canoeing and mountain biking. Come rain, snow or sun you will get to experience the best outdoor activities that the Highlands has to offer. The neighbouring village of Killin offers quaint tea shops and pubs as well as the dramatic Falls of Dochart. If you are wanting a more leisurely exploration of the area, you are more than welcome to enjoy it in a less adrenaline-packed manner. On the Saturday evening, we will have a traditional Burns' Supper where you will get to try Haggis, Neeps and Tatties followed by a ceilidh and evening of music by a world-renowned local 'Piper. This really is a weekend not to be missed!

Price includes: Round trip travel by coach from Edinburgh and pick up from Stirling, two nights accommodation, all meals and all activities with equipment hire.


The author talks about the book:- here

For this semester’s book club we are using the celebrated crime fiction novelist Ian Rankin’s novel Fleshmarket Close. This crime novel is named after a real close in Edinburgh between the High Street and Market Street, crossing Cockburn Street. It is the fifteenth of the Inspector Rebus novels. "Fleshmarket" is the Scots term for butcher's market. It was released in the US under the title Fleshmarket Alley. Detective Inspector John Rebus has no desk to work from, as a hint from his superiors that he should consider retirement, but he and his protegee Siobhan Clarke are still investigating some seemingly unconnected cases. The sister of a dead rape victim is missing; skeletons turn up embedded in a concrete floor; a Kurdish journalist is brutally murdered; and the son of a Glasgow gangster has moved into the Edinburgh vice scene.

Price includes: FREE



Britain leaving the European Union is a defining moment for UK politics, with a significant impact on Scotland. We have decided this semester to run an afternoon event at the heart of Scottish Politics with a visit to the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. The Scottish Parliament is made up of 129 Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs). The Scottish Parliament passes laws and scrutinises the work and policies of the Scottish Government, the party or parties in power. We will invite a speaker TBC closer to the time who will discuss BREXIT and the impact on Scotland. Date TBC

Price includes: Talk from an expert within the Scottish Parliament


In this trip we will delve into the Scottish Borders to the south of Scotland, encountering the romance and remaking of Scotland among the stunning valleys and views of the region. First stop will be to Traquair House, the oldest inhabited home in Scotland. An ancient Scottish mansion with strong Jacobite leanings, a garden maze and a brewery, producing Jacobite Ale, which uses the 18th century brewing equipment in the house! The ancient artifacts found in their museum room, several of which belonged to Mary Queen of Scots. The gates at the top of the main drive were built in 1739 only to be closed in 1745 following the visit of Bonnie Prince Charlie, when the 5th Earl of Traquair promised they would never be opened again until the Stuarts returned to the throne. To the next stop of Melrose, a Scottish Town where you will have lunch and visit the ruins of the Cistercian abbey there. The ruins of Melrose Abbey date from the 12th century and present not only amazing Gothic forms, but also house what is believed to be the heart of Robert the Bruce. Finally we will go to Roslin, famous as the finale of the Da Vinci Code and associations with Templar cults, but in reality much more interesting!

Price includes: Round trip travel by coach from Edinburgh, entry to Traquair House, Melrose Abby & Roslin Chapel.


Leave the ivory tower and experience life in the community outside the campus. Arrive at your homestay destination on a Friday evening and depart on a Sunday afternoon. You will be met on arrival in your homestay community, either by a member of your host family or by the local representative. Host families come from all walks of life – they could be a couple with or without children, a single person, an extended family or retired. Activities depend on the location of your homestay, and the interests of your hosts. Your hosts will include you in their activities whenever possible but you must be prepared that your host may work or have other commitments on their time.

Price includes: Train to homestay destination, accommodation for two nights, breakfast & dinner.

Do you want to try Scottish dance, come for a ceilidh

Ceilidh [kay-lee] is the Gaelic word for 'gathering' and involves Scottish country dancing to traditional folk music. Strip the Willow? Orcadian Reel? Flying Scotsman? Soon you’ll know what these mean, and be pretty good at them, at our Spring Ceilidh, where we’ll give you a traditional Scottish buffet and then fill the evening with classic dancing, hosted for free in Edinburgh. Please join us for this amazing evening with a live band and dancers to help you learn - you may bring friends to the ceilidh, but only for the dance, rather than the meal.

Price: FREE



Joining students from Arcadia Ireland and Arcadia London, you’ll spend the weekend exploring the big sites and the nooks and crannies of London, Bath and Stonehenge as you are guided by Arcadia’s expert London staff. You have a chance to take all the best pics at the largest standing stones in the world, and visit Bath, with its Roman ruins, medieval abbey and Georgian circuses. On Friday and Sunday, you’ll wander through some of the most exciting neighbourhoods of Britain’s political, economic and cultural capital. TBC – trains will depart from Edinburgh, so we recommend perhaps using your hostel voucher to stay there the night before.

Price includes: Round travel by train from Edinburgh, accommodation for 2 nights, entrance to Stonehenge and the Roman Baths.



Who visits Scotland and does not see an island? We will make sure it's not you by taking you to Arran; one of Scotland's hidden gems and referred to as “Scotland in miniature”. Sailing across the Firth of Clyde you will have the chance to explore this beautiful highland island's jumble of hills, glens and seaside villages. Over the course of the weekend we will see all that Arran has to offer, including ancient Standing Stones, Robert the Bruce's Cave, Lochranza Castle and a whisky distillery. You will also get to experience some of the local produce that the island is known for when we visit the Isle of Arran brewery, cheesemonger and Arran aromatics. Once back on the mainland on Sunday we’ll visit the Robert Burns Museum, seeing and hearing the Bard’s birthplace and poetry. History, food and culture all on this trip, definitely not one to miss!

Price includes: Round trip travel by coach from Edinburgh with pick up from Glasgow, return ticket for the Ferry, 2 night accommodation, breakfast & lunches on Saturday & Sunday, entrance to Brewery, tickets to Distillery & Robert Burns Museum.


This event will take students on a day trip to St Andrews, one of Scotland’s most beautiful and historic towns; visiting castles, cathedrals and old university sites. You will get the chance to eat ice cream at Janetta’s, one of the best in the country, even if it's raining, you're in Scotland after all! After that we will go to Dundee and visit the new Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum of Design, the only design museum in Scotland, and visit The Verdant Works, restored mill housing interactive displays telling story of local 19th–20th century jute production. Dundee is a city in transition; towards the end of the Victorian era, Dundee was famous for its three Js- Jute, Jam and Journalism. Nowadays it is known more for it's contribution to technology, being the birthplace of Rockstar North.

Price includes: Round trip travel by coach from Edinburgh with pick up from St Andrews, entry to V&A talk & Verdant Works.