Scotland Virtual Events for Spring 2021

Laura Williamson Student Services Officer


January 14, 2021

Jenni Fagan– friday 15th January @ 2-3pm est. 

NB This event is being hosted by the Edinburgh International Book Festival

"Once in a while, a novel arrives that changes the way that we see and experience a place that we think we already know so well. Edinburgh is a city brimming with stories: almost every building whispers history and holds secrets, stashed away in the stonework. And Jenni Fagan’s spectacular third novel Luckenbooth takes us to the heart of the city and its people.

Join the critically acclaimed Edinburgh-based author of The Panopticon and the The Sunlight Pilgrims in her very first event about her new book, to coincide with its launch, alongside another of our favourite authors, the Glaswegian crime writer and playwright Denise Mina. Together they dive into the depths of the remarkable Luckenbooth, a dazzling literary work of history and ambition that marks a major moment in the literary life of Edinburgh.

Come along for an hour of enlightening entertainment hosted by the Edinburgh International Book Festival, broadcast live from our studio in Edinburgh. Luckenbooth spans nearly a century in the tenement at 10 Luckenbooth Close. It begins in 1910 as the devil’s daughter rows a coffin to the shores of Leith, sold by her father to a rich couple to have their child. The tragic events that follow lead to a curse that will plague the lives of the eclectic collection of tenement residents. In her novel told over nine decades and up and down nine floors, Fagan gifts readers lessons of history as the building and its inhabitants bear witness to the changing world outside the tenement walls."

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burns night– monday 25th January @ 2-3pm est.

A Burns supper is a celebration of the life and poetry of the poet Robert Burns, the author of many Scots poems such as ‘To A Mouse’ & ‘Tam o’Shanter’. The suppers are normally held on or near the poet's birthday, 25 January, occasionally known as Robert Burns Day but more commonly known as Burns Night. We are going to hold a virtual Burns evening with live music by Hamish Thompson, a reading from one of Burns’ poems and you are more than welcome to eat Haggis, Neeps & Tatties along with us! 

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movie night– tuesday 2nd february @ 2-3pm est.

The Outlaw King (Netflix) - Join us as we discuss and dissect the story of Robert the Bruce and his rocky road to becoming King of Scotland. Watch Chris Pine attempt to do one of the better Scottish accents seen in movies on his quest to overthrow the English army whilst battling his affections for his enemies’ daughter, Elizabeth de Burgh (Florence Pugh). Whether or not it’s historically accurate is for our resident historian, Cameron McKay, to get worked up about, but this enjoyable film is available to watch on Netflix before the event. You can virtually watch and come along to discuss and hear people's opinions on the movie.

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marian brown- co director for ostero ltd– tuesday 9th february @ 1-2pm est.

"Build Back Better":What is the Circular Economy and how can we take part? Ostrero is a research and advocacy body that raises awareness of what the Circular Economy is and why it is vitally important to Scotland’s economic and environmental wellbeing. We run a series of innovative Circular Economy projects and help organisations, from businesses to charities to schools, plug into the opportunities offered by the Circular Economy.  Marian Brown will discuss what it is like to set up cofounder of Ostrero, is a solicitor whose experience includes a range of environmental law cases and working with SEPA. She was brought up in Zambia and Vanuatu and recognises the urgent need for a global solution to the way in which we consume world resources.  

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author talk by joan haig– monday 22nd february @ 2-3pm est.

Rocky Roads to Publication

Grab a drink and a snack and join children’s writer – and Arcadia Edinburgh staff member – Joan Haig as she talks about different routes to publishing fiction, her own path, and the opportunities and challenges of publishing during a pandemic. Joan’s debut novel Tiger Skin Rug (Cranachan Publishing) has been nominated for the Carnegie Medal 2021 and is a finalist in the People’s Book Prize 2020/21. You can purchase it online through all major UK bookstores or as an ebook here. You can access Stay at Home! Poems and Prose for Children Living in Lockdown (a free, downloadable ebook anthology, edited by Joan) from Cranachan Publishing here. Joan’s forthcoming title is a co-authored nonfiction book: Talking History: 150 Years of Speeches will be published in July with Templar/Bonnier. 

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academics essay skills workshop – 15th April @ 11-12noon est.

If you feel like you might be struggling with your assignments then this workshop is for you! In this session you will learn crucial essay writing skills from a university tutor, such as how to reference correctly, avoiding plagiarism, using evidence and structuring an argument. If you have any questions about essay writing please come along, we’re happy to help. For our virtual interns this session may be of use for your final paper.

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