Pride Month! Lecture from the archives. . .

Dr. Hamish Thompson Resident Director


June 9, 2021

This is a fascinating lecture from our speaker archives that we hosted in the Edinburgh Center in Fall 2012 two years before a Scottish independence referendum was run in 2014.  Scotland eventually voted 'no' on Scottish independence at the 2014 referendum, but this constitutional question remains very active in the Scottish parliament today where a current majority of MSP's within the Scottish Parliament are in favor of Scottish independence - but popular opinion is very evenly divided on this question. We invited speakers from various political parties and views on independence to come speak to our students.

The below talk is from Marco Biagi, an openly gay member of the Scottish Parliament and one of the youngest Scots at that time to get elected to the Scottish Parliament in a constituency seat. Marco came to our center to speak to our students about his party's (SNP) position on Scottish independence. He also discussed the incredibly important legislation allowing gay marriage that was eventually passed in February of 2014 - becoming law in December of 2014.