Playing National Anthem at International Scotland Rugby Game by Jacob Rosenberg

Dr. Hamish Thompson Resident Director


February 7, 2015

Jacob is a student studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for the 2014/15 Year, he has been asked to perform again for the 6 nations Rugby Championship this Spring.

I was approached by some classmates to see if I was interested in playing with their brass band. I have always been interested in brass bands and never had a chance to play in one. Brass bands are huge in the UK (and Europe) but not in the US. Anyway he asked me if I was interested in playing the national anthem at the rugby. Turns out that it was for the Scottish national team playing New Zealand (who are the number one team in the world). Of course I agreed to it. Fast forward a week and we are at Murrayfield. They pass me a cornet (which I have never played before) and the music to the New Zealand national anthem. We had 3 hours to do a dress rehearsal get changed into our uniform and perform in front of 74,000 people and international TV. It was such an amazing experience. I hope to be playing with the Whitburn Band on more occasions during my time in Scotland.