Meet our Edinburgh Center Intern, Emily DiBacco

Emily Goetsch Student Services Officer


November 21, 2017

This term we have 3 fantastic students undertaking our INPR310: Work in Thought and Action course, which is run out of Arcadia's Edinburgh Center.  In this course, students have the opportunity to gain professional skills and experience in an international environment while pursuing research projects related to their academic interests and undertaking two additional courses at Edinburgh Napier University.  It's been a busy term, but our interns have been doing great work, which we're thrilled to share with all of you!

We recently caught up with Emily DiBacco, who is studying Marketing at the University of Pittsburgh, to see what she's been up to:

1.   Where are you working and what projects are you working on this term?

I'm working at Breadshare Community Bakery, as a marketing intern and an extra set of hands in the bakery. I'm learning so much about small businesses, social enterprises, and breadmaking (which I love!). Some projects that I have been working on are analyzing Breadshare's pricing structure and the effectiveness of its pricing formula to yield the best revenue to cover expenses, and profit to support external projects, such as opening a new bakery/cafe across the street. 

2.     What does an average day at your placement look like?

On Tuesdays, I spend my day at the smaller shop, working with Debra and Geoff (masterminds of the social enterprise) and assisting customers. I have learned about how Breadshare supplies the healthiest, cleanest bread possible to its customers and I share this knowledge with all who come into the shop. I'm also fed very well on the job!

On Fridays, I spend an entire day working with Breadshare's hired bakers and other volunteers, both younger school kids and adults. We get the day's work done while talking and learning, sometimes making mistakes and collaborating to correct them. It is tiring, but incredibly fun and rewarding to see something you baked come out onto the shelf.

3.     What skills and knowledge have you gained through your placement?

As aforementioned, I've been given a good amount of "scientific" knowledge about the good food that we should be putting in our bodies. Learning how to bake basics (good bread) and more creative products (pastries, rolls, cakes, etc.) is a ton of fun. I've also learned about what it takes to make a social enterprise work, which is much more than one might expect. Each employee and volunteer takes on responsibilities to help the organization to grow and reach its highest potential each and every day. In a collaborative environment, as a marketing intern, I've had the opportunity to gain confidence in expressing my ideas and concerns, and have been supported in doing so. 

4.     What has been the best thing about living and working in Scotland?

Scotland is a country like no other. It is laid-back and has a supportive culture that makes chatting with the person next to you on the bus an everyday pleasure. Edinburgh, specifically, has been a treat to me. Though it is small, it contains unimaginable amounts of character and charm. It is not difficult to feel comfortable here and to settle in. I have enjoyed exploring and making myself at home for the past few months, and am extremely excited to see the Christmas festivities begin soon!

We're thrilled with all of the work that Emily has been doing (and very pleased to have had the chance to enjoy some of the bread that she brought into the Center!).  Keep an eye on this space for more insight into what our other internship students have been doing this term!


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