Explore Scotland through the Fall 2021 Events!

Laura Williamson Student Services Officer


August 26, 2021

We are so excited to welcome you to Scotland this Fall semester! We have been hard at work planning some of the best events and experiences that we think will be a great introduction to your new home in the Scotland! 

Read on below for what we have in store. Event registration opens Monday, 30 August at 12 noon (EST) in your Arcadia Passport. For the one day events, you will automatically be waitlisted.  Please select all four of the one day events and state your preference in order of preference from 1- 4. We will allocate a minimum of 2 events to all students trying hard to meet your highest preferences. Please complete by Friday, 10th Sept at 12 noon (EST). Spots will be allocated from this date and you will be emailed a confirmation of the event you have been allocated.

Please note that you will need to declare a negative test to be allowed to go on our events (details to be sent prior to the event).   

Firbush Outdoor Center Day Trip –


Join us for one of our most popular events– the Loch Tay Outdoor Activity Day Trip to Firbush. This is an activity-filled day set in the southern Highlands with the rolling mountains and still waters of Loch Tay. You will take part in a morning and afternoon activity and can choose to spend the entire day on the water or enjoy a land activity too. From open water canoeing or kayaking on Loch Tay to exploring the local woodlands and mountains by foot or bike, the choice is yours. The neighbouring village of Killin offers quaint tea shops and pubs as well as the dramatic Falls of Dochart. If you are wanting a more leisurely exploration of the area, you are more than welcome to enjoy it in a less adrenaline-packed manner. 

Highlands Day Trip – SATURDAY 2nD OCTOBER 2021  

Put your hand up if part of the reason you chose to study in Scotland was the  Highlands? Come on, I’m looking at you here! There’s more to explore in the  Highlands than you could squeeze into a day trip but we aim to cover all the major  checklist items; Haunted Castles, Imposing Mountains, Mystical Lochs and  Picturesque villages. This will definitely be a trip that will show you the Scotland  of your imagination.

Enviromental Day Trip – SATURDAY 9th OCTOBER 2021  

Join us for our COP26 inspired trip to look at various environmental ways of protecting our futures.  First we will visit Whitelee Wind Farm along with  .

For further details on COP26 that is occurring in Scotland this year please find here


The green valleys and quaint towns of the Borders are truly alive with history, song and legend. Some of Scotland’s greatest writers have roots in the region including Sir Walter Scott, James Hogg, and of course our very own Joan Haig & Cameron McKay! In this trip we will delve into the Scottish Borders to the south of Scotland, encountering the romance and remaking of Scotland among the stunning valleys and views of the region. First stop will be to the town of Melrose, to visit its Cistercian abbey. The ruins of Melrose Abbey date from the 12th century and present not only amazing Gothic forms, but also house what is believed to be the heart of Robert the Bruce. We will then move on to Abbotsford House, acquired in 1811 by Sir Walter Scott and substantially refashioned over time. Explore Scott's peculiar collections, visit the beautiful chapel and wander the gardens, which run to the banks of the Tweed River. Finally, we will go to Rosslyn Chapel, built in 1446 and famous as the finale of the Da Vinci Code and associations with Templar cults, but in reality much more interesting!

Other Events: 

EXAM SKILLS- date tbc

With the exam period fast approaching it might be worth brushing up on your revision skills so you can increase your chances of success. The Edinburgh Centre will be running two exam skills sessions in April where you will learn how to prepare for your exams. Remember preparation saves perspiration! This session will include everything from advice on planning your revision to what to expect on the day of the exam. For those students who can’t make this event the session will be recorded and posted on the Facebook page


If you feel like you might be struggling with your assignments then this workshop is for you! Many exchange students struggle with adapting to a different education system, but don’t worry our Edinburgh Centre has you covered! In this session you will learn crucial essay writing skills from a university tutor, such as how to reference, avoiding plagiarism, using evidence and structuring an argument. If you have any questions about essay writing please come along, we’re happy to help. For those students who can’t make this event the session will be recorded and posted on the Facebook page


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