Author Talk by Joan Haig

Laura Williamson Student Services Officer


March 15, 2021

Joan Haig from the Arcadia Scotland office is a writer and academic. In writing books for children, she draws on her extensive knowledge of ethnography ('writing culture') and global history. Joan’s current projects are both fiction and non-fiction, with the aim of helping young people access stories in various forms. Joan’s books entertain but also provide important messages, be that about pressing environmental issues in the Tiger Skin Rug or the importance of political speeches in her forthcoming title Talking History. Joan is also the editor of Stay at Home! Poems and Prose for Children Living in Lockdown, written by 40 authors from across Scotland and illustrated by Darren Gate.

Last week we held a virtual event with Joan herself, discussing industry inequities and the potentially turbulent processes that come with the territory of children's book publishing. You can find this fantastic author insight by following the link here, and if you are pressed for time, a condensed version here.