Week 3 in Florence - Intentions Matter. - by Amelia Lemont


June 27, 2022

Week 3

Intentions Matter.

This past weekend, I experienced how intentions greatly impact the taste of our food. Over the weekend, other Arcadia students and I visited the Orsini Farm– a family farm on Trasimeno Lake. The family who owned the farm welcomed us with such warmth, and showed us how they care for their farm. We were given a tour of the grounds and learned some of their farming methods. Specifically, we were shown how to plant beans. As we placed each of the seeds into the ground, we were told to wish them good luck. I loved how important it was to ensure that each bean was planted with intention. 

Later on in the day, we were served a full course Italian meal. The meal included foods such as bread with the lightest, most buttery olive oil. It also included a plate of pasta, with noodles made from goose eggs, and countless other dishes bursting with flavor. Although I had consumed foods such as olive oil and pasta many times in my life, I had never eaten such flavorful and fresh tasting versions of these foods. Even the oil by itself was delicious. It transformed certain vegetables that I usually don't care for, such as pepper, into the best tasting pepper I’ve ever tasted. To put it plainly, it was incredible. Unlike many farms in the world that are stripped down for mass production, each part of the land at this farm is given personal care. Each plant is grown with the well wishes of the farmers, and each of the farmers’ intentions are centered around producing food to be enjoyed. The intention of those who live and work on the Orsini Farm is pure, and you can taste the difference.