Spring 2017 Events

Chiara Baldussi Operations Officer


February 14, 2017

Our Spring Students are finally settling into their Italian life!

Here is a selection of the best events offered to all our students.

Basketball and Soccer TOURNAMENTS

These are activities students generally can’t wait to take part to. In addition to great fun soccer and basketball games offer significant social bonding between the many students of Roma Tre and Arcadia in Rome. You don’t have to be a professional player, you’ll only need your energy and enthusiasm!

Sleeping Beauty Ballet

Tonight we are taking our students to the Opera House of Rome to see a wonderful ballet.

A ballet with a prologue and in three acts with music by Pyotr Cajkovskij, choreography by Jean Giullaume Bart and based on La Belle Au Bois Dormant (1697), the famous fairy tale by Charles Perrault. It was premiered on January 15th 1890 at the Mariinski Theatre in St.Petersburg.
Sleeping Beauty is the most moving fairy tales from the Romantic period and in musical terms, it is considered to be Cajkovskij’s most complete ballet work.

Augmented Reality Experience: L’Ara Com’Era

This new exhibit allows visitors to see the Altar in VR with all its ancient paint, as well as offering a full historical rundown of one of the most important masterpieces of Roman art. Ara Pacis was in fact built between 13 and 9 BC to celebrate the peace established by Augustus over the empire’s territories.
This is a unique and innovative augmented reality experience!

AS Roma Vs Torino Soccer Game

A.S. Roma is the most important soccer team of Rome. It has more than 2 millions supporters in Italy and its most representative player is Francesco Totti. We will attend one of the Italian Cup matches at the Olympic stadium of Rome. It is an incredible experience, whether you are an A.S. Roma supporter or not. Its supporters are super hot and funny.

Ethnic Dinners

What we eat, the way we prepare and the atmosphere we create in order to fully enjoy a meal says a lot about the values and beliefs for a specific culture.
Every month we will discover a different type of cuisine in a different restaurant in Rome to break up the monotony of pizza and pasta. Purely optional “Dutch” dinners.

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