Roma Tre Sport Season

Sarra Chadi Student Life Health and Safety Assistant Director


October 21, 2019

It’s the beginning of the Sports Season!

Congratulations to our Rome student Jazsmin Pince who joined the official Roma Tre university Volleyball team. She’ll be training a couple of times per week with Italians and Erasmus students team and playing matches in the university league.

Like every year Roma tre University organizes preparatory training sessions for various sports, volleyball, soccer, basketball, futsal and tennis as well as tournaments reserved to students. At Roma Tre our students can take free courses in many disciplines, use the sports fields for free and be part of the seven official men or women teams of basketball, volleyball, futsal and soccer.

These are all great opportunities not only to stay in shape. The benefits go beyond physical, it’s about connecting with locals and international students, improve integration and have fun!