Cooking with Carla

Sarra Chadi Student Life Health and Safety Assistant Director


April 15, 2020

Cooking classes at Carla’s home is one of the students highlights of the semester in Rome.

From the moment you enter her nice and cozy loft, you immediately feel at home, comfortable and ready to learn how to prepare traditional and local favourites such as fried pizzas, ravioli, and other Italian dishes rich in fresh and seasonal vegetables. 

Carla always chooses italian recipes that allow as much hands-on prep as possible while sharing her culinary tips and secrets.

After preparing the dishes the guests sit at the table to savor their creations in a friendly and fun atmosphere.


How does a cooking class with Carla work? Here a description of the last session in Spring 2020 written by one of the participants.


Carla’s place is not far at all from the Arcadia Office, so it is a must to arrange the appointment in front of our local center.

See you at 6 p.m. there!

Once Carla allowed us to enter her apartment, what is required is to relax: day is almost over and it’s left nothing to do se non an amazing and interactive class.

That’s why Carla always welcome her guests with an Aperitivo. A drink, a snack and a chat and the cooking class is started before anyone would notice.

It begins from the dessert preparation.

The tiramisu must rest a while in the fridge before to be consumed so the last course, now is the first.

We soak the ladyfingers in some coffee and add a layer of mascarpone cream.

Then comes the first course.

After Carla explained us the basis for a nice and smooth pasta dough, it is time to prepare it!

Sometimes is a dough for some tagliatelle, another time is for pizza but tonight is for ravioli filled with spinaches and ricotta. Tomato sauce cooked with extra virgin olive oil, basil and a clove of garlic, on top.

Second course are some baked vegetables.

Fresh vegetables typical of the Italian diet as pepperoni, eggplants and zucchinis sliced and garnished with salt, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper and breadcrumbs.

Then sitting at the table and enjoying the fruits of our labor is no longer what you can call consume a meal. It is an awakening of senses, where the time invested in preparing food is fully repaid by the smiles and the positivity unleashed by the fellow diners.

After the dinner everyone went home for some sweet dreams.