A Day of Gratitude

Sarra Chadi Student Life Coordinator


April 30, 2019

One of the highlights of the month of April was the Day of Gratitude organized with a group of students involved in the maintenance of the community garden of Garbatella. It was great to get to see the activities carried out in the past weeks. Planting, monitoring trees, maintaining the water system, fixing benches, and many other activities that our students have been doing every week, making a difference!

Celebrating the Day of Gratitude was in a way celebrating the work done and the positive outcomes for the students and for the community.

During this afternoon gathering our students had the opportunity to meet with a representative of Legambiente Garbatella, a non-profit environmental organization which formally adopted the area, almost 30 years ago to create a playground for the kids as well as an urban and a community garden.

This event was made possible thanks to the support of one of Arcadia Trustee and Alumni L.Wassermann who donated funds that allowed us to create this opportunity for the students.

A huge thank you goes to our students and to all the project coordinators of the park of Garbatella who shared their passion with our students.

It's great to give back to Garbatella because they have been so nice to us, accepting us in their community. Carla DiBiase, Babson College and Arcadia University Rome Student, Spring 2019


We look forward to allow the students to be involved in projects that are so close to our hearts like Garbatella's park.