Wellness Wednesday: Summer is here!

GrĂ¡inne Hand Assistant Director


May 26, 2021

We are so excited to welcome our UCD STEM Summer students to Ireland! Their first few days have been a combination of getting set up with phones and meetings as well as quarantining! They have just arrived on time for some additional restrictions to be lifted here in Ireland. We can now shop in our local Penneys (you must give this a visit!!), visit a local museum, take a stroll through Dublin zoo and even make a hotel booking (hotels open on the 2nd June).

On another positive note, the weather forecast for the next few days is good - did you know that in Ireland, 21 degrees Celsius (69.8 Fahrenheit) is a semi heatwave here. We are in for some of the sunshine in the coming days!  Perfect weather for outdoor dining!  One of the big things here now is the return of outdoor dining. Our government tells us that by the 7th June we should be able to eat outside again at local bars and restaurants around the country.

This is excellent news for those in the hospitality businesses and should create great Irish food to be enjoyed on terraces, in gardens and on reconfigured urban streets. The city of Dublin is already marking off certain areas where only pedestrians will be allowed and one can enjoy a meal and a drink with friends without the worry of cars and traffic! 

Here in this One Fab Day blog we see the best outdoor places to dine in Dublin...Also in this Irish Times article we see some of the best places outdoor dining places in Ireland

I'm already building up an appetite for our welcome and farewell meals!! 




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