Tips for Studying Abroad in Ireland

Mary McSwiney Student Life Officer


January 11, 2017

Join a club or society

The same advice is given over and over to Irish students, but the University clubs and societies are genuinely the best way to immerse yourself in campus life, make friends and have fun.

Fill the lecture gaps with reading

You will probably have a lot less class time than you are used to; this is to facilitate independent research and study. Try to spend full 9am – 5pm days on campus and head to library in-between the lectures – you will be glad you did at the end of the semester!

Make some non- American friends

Get out of your comfort zone a bit and meet new kinds of people! In addittion to all the Irish students there will also be lots international students; studying in Ireland could be your chance to meet Pablo the Italian painter or try come incredible African food!

Hang out on campus

This seems obvious till you actually get to Ireland, but a lots of students tend to live off campus, study at home and only come in a few hours a week for class. This is not the college experience! Spend time in the students’ center, campus cafes, restaurants and bars.


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