Final Spring Orientation

Sarah Maher Administrative Assistant


January 27, 2015

As January comes to an end so does the Spring 2015 orientation period. In our final orientation session we welcomed students who will be attending Maynooth University and Queen's University Belfast. The students arrived into Dublin on Sunday, luckily just missing the blizzard which has hit the East coast of America in recent days. Over the orientation period, the students attended talks by Arcadia staff, had a historical walking tour of Dublin and experienced an evening of fairies, folklore and story telling. The Maynooth students also had the opportunity to join the Arcadia students who are studying in Dublin to attend a traditional Irish ceili. A ceili is an Irish get together where people dance to traditional Irish music. Great fun was had and the students were all professional dancers by the time we left!

We had a fantastic orientation period in the Dublin center and it was lovely to meet all of the students who will be studying in Ireland for the semester. We hope to see them all again at the various Arcadia events that will take place throughout the semester.