Zoom Zoom in the Kitchen

Jan Sanders Regional Director of Mediterranean Programs


April 21, 2020

Studying abroad in Athens while you are actually, and responsibly, social distancing from elsewhere presents all sorts of challenges and a sense of displacement is very close to the top of that challenges list. For the students who were with us in Greece, being displaced from the food seems particularly difficult.  So, zoom away!

One afternoon last week faculty member Maria Michou and I hosted a cooking lesson via Zoom. On the menu were μπουρεκάκια/bourekakia or small rolls of filo pastry stuffed with various things. Think of them as baked Greek spring rolls. We shared a shopping list for suggested fillings and hung around waiting to see who would show up. Loads of you! Several of you cooked along with us - evidence in the attached photographs - whiles others made your own lunch as you watched. We were even joined by students from previous semesters including one from 1998!! It was an enjoyable and delicious time!

Are you interested in the recipe? Be in touch; we are happy to share!

Καλή όρεξη!!

photo credits: rolling, Jan Sanders; into the oven, Lana Singer; filo baskets, Grace Lewis; plate of bourekakia, Allison Tabit; salad on the side, Jack Taylor