Giving back: Day of giving to Doctors of the World

Joanna Simos Assistant Director, Experiential Education


June 27, 2018

During each semester, students decide how we will support our local community in thanks of the hospitality, opportunities and generosity we are shown on a daily basis by fellow Athenians.

From baking cakes for the local elderly home, organizing blood drives and  feeding stray animals to volunteering at food kitchens, and creating food banks we have a great desire to help with the many needs of the city.

Our long-standing relationship with Doctors of the World Athens has evolved over decades: together we have offered students valuable internships, our students have offered their time and skills to the clinic, and we have been given the opportunity to assist in every possible way with the all important work the clinic does in Athens.

At the moment, the busy Athens Polyclinic is in need of funds and medical items for the pediatric clinic.

With a generous donation organised by Trustee Lyanne Wassermann, today we have purchased a significant amount of medication. Following their delivery next week,  these fundamental items will make it possible for the DOW clinic to continue the daily medical care of children. 

Would you like to join us in our next drive to help? Would you like to help?

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